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by jorgeflorencio
Template - Eisenhower Matrix

by 892908
Meeting note Titel Präfix iso8601

by skye-stout

by flohfm
Telekom Rechnung ablegen
Telekom Rechnungen an die Evernote "INBOX" weiterleiten und automatisch taggen und Schlagwörter vergeben (E-Mail automatisch an Evernote weiterleiten)

by esmog
Archiving with notebook hint
This filter moves all notes with your specified archive tag into your archive notebook. The old notebook name is attached as a tag, so you know whats the original location of your note.

by esmog
Basic archiving
This filter moves all notes with your specific archive tag into your archive notebook

by am4106
Tag .✉️ for mails
I like the idea of adding emojis to my notes (cf. But I do not like them as prefixes to my title, as I often relay on alphabetical sorting. So I add the emojies as tag (with a dot as a prefix to insure they show up first in the tag list). It works very well with snippet view (my preferred view) or top list view. This is my example for the use of the mail emoji. You can adapt it to your needs.

by csambrosio
💸 for paid bills
A filter to mark paid bills that you are tracking/archiving in Evernote.

by esmog
eliminate double spaces in title
This filter replaces a double space with one space in the note title.

by esmog
remove❗if reminder is not overdue
This filter will remove the overdue marker, if the note isn't overdue anymore. Use it together with the other todo filters.


by enahler
DASH visual
This visual dashboard filter calls in a table of content for every note that carries the Trigger Shortcode [DASH-TITLE]. Each of the ToC notes must carry the tag DASHBOARD and needs to be inside the designated notebook.
by 892908
Template - Eisenhower Matrix
Evernote has published a tweet on 04 May 2017 In this Tweet they shared a note "Template | Eisenhower Matrix" nobody asked us to write this automation, we still did it. All you need is to add the tag:"Eisenhower-Matrix" to the template note. Every note in your system that has a reminder and any of the tags P1, P2, P3 will be added into the corresponding box. Tasks with a reminder but none of the above mentioned tags will be added into the "Do it Later" box. More details including a prepared template could be found at

by esmog
🌐 for webclips
Every note, created with the webclipper, gets a 🌐 in its title. So you know what comes from the web.

by esmog
📅 for appointments
You store preparation and material for your appointments? Mark it with the calendar symbol.

by esmog
Recurring Reminder • weekly
This filter allows you to create a weekly recurring reminder to a note. Every note with the weekly tag will get a new reminder in one week, whenever the note reminder is set to done.

by esmog
✅ for done tasks
A checked checkbox for completed reminders. Use it together with other todo filters.

by esmog
❗ for overdue tasks
Mark overdue todos. Use it together with the other todo filters.

by esmog
✉️ for mails
Mark all notes, which are created via mail with a nice envelope icon.

by jordank
1-Now Tasks Filter TOC1
This filter creates a TOC of all the notes in my 1-Now notebook.

by esmog
Overdue Reminder • add a tag
This filter tags all overdue Evernote reminders with your favorite overdue tag.

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